Jacqueleen Hale was born and raised in the urban jungle of Chicago, Illinois with the train tracks and crab grass through concrete cracks as her domain. She was conceived and raised in the Catholic tradition which influences her twisty views of life, death, and the many phases of existence in between. After studying creative writing under the tutelage of many great writers at Lake Forest College, she moved out of the city and onto an island where she learned to teach. She graduated from Hawai’i Pacific University with honors and much pomp, and went to teach boys at the only all-boy school on the island. It is here where her sanity slips away slowly.

She loves to write short story and mostly of the experimental variety (whatever that means to you). While Jacqueleen enjoys writing, her new passion has lately been for live storytelling.

Currently, she has many projects in the air and performs occasionally around the island.

rocksShe lives with her dreamy husband, Benjamin (for whom her heart beats excessively for), their dog Emmet, and her bubbling desire for intergalactic habitation.

Some current works include:

The Abecedarian of B27 ( a teaching blog)

Jeremiah was Here (a novel in progress)

Urban Draft (an experimental novel and short story series in progress)


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